Kellee White

Spiritual Medium and Psychotherapist

Guiding souls and healing hearts, specializing in trauma, grief counseling, and life transitions, using astrology, numerology, and psychic insights for transformative healing.


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Kellee White, a gifted Spiritual Medium and licensed Family and Marriage Therapist, offers a variety of readings and specialized services. Book Kellee for personalized sessions or tune into her weekly shows, including “LIFE AFTER DEATH & BEYOND” with co-host James Van Praagh and “ASK ME ANYTHING”.

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Discover Kellee’s Journey & gifts

Kellee White is a renowned Spiritual Medium and licensed Psychotherapist, known for her unique ability to connect with the spirit world and deliver profound insights. Her journey from corporate executive to spiritual healer is as inspiring as her readings.

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Connect with the Spirit world

Ready to connect with the spirit world? Kellee’s empathic readings bring meaningful messages from your loved ones using her clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities. Each session is unique, often surprising even Kellee with the depth of connection.

Kellee books up quickly and schedules two months in advance. If no times are available, please check back soon or send an email inquiry.

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Dive into the enlightening world of Kellee White’s podcasts, where she explores the realms of spirituality, healing, and personal growth. Hosted by Kellee, and also view her co-hosted podcasts with the renowned James Van Praagh, these podcasts feature insightful conversations with special guests like Suzanne Giesemann, Janelle Campbell, Aisha Sheppard, and Dr. David Tannenbaum. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance or simply curious about the mysteries of the universe, these episodes offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.