December 2023 Vedic Astrology

End of the Year Finale!

What a year! So many aspects, so many twists and turns and the year is not over yet!

One of the biggest events in 2023 happened on November 28 when Rahu and Ketu, the North and South node in Western Astrology, changed signs. Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere, and they have great influence over our lives.

While Rahu is very much involved in material and earthly matters, its counterpart Ketu is much more concerned with bringing in the past life knowledge that is pertinent to this life and encouraging us to let go of emotional baggage and guilt. It will also encourage us to let go of intellectual reasoning to some extent, as Ketu goes beyond intellectual reasoning and more towards faith.

Rahu & Ketu shifted signs from Aries / Libra on November 28 to Pisces and Virgo. This is an energy shift we can all feel! They will stay in these signs for 18 ½ months until May 29, 2025. The last time Rahu was in Pisces and Ketu was in Virgo was February 2005 through November 2006. What significant events happened in your life at that time? Whatever you experienced in 2005 and 2006 may be similar to what this energy will have in store for you this time.

During this transit, Rahu takes on the energy of Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces. Jupiter governs religion and spirituality. The energy of Pisces tends to be visionary, imaginative, and spiritual. Rahu expresses worldly desires, but Rahu in Pisces also has the potential to offer humanitarian aid and healing. We must be true to our higher self and listen to our hearts.

Ketu is the invisible energy of past karma. Ketu takes on the energy of Virgo’s ruler, Mercury. Virgo is analytical and uses intellect and practical discrimination to transform and change the obstacles for a healthy and virtuous life. Virgo’s practical approach will balance the idealistic Rahu in Pisces.

Ethereal and unrestrained, Rahu is regarded as a planet of innovation; among is meanings, it governs modern technology. This transit of Rahu from Aries into Pisces will very likely bring a major leap in the already fast-moving developments in the human relationship to technology, media and the internet.

The last time that Rahu entered Pisces was on February 22, 2005, which was a landmark year for innovations in technology; just one week before, on February 14th 2005, the world saw the launch of YouTube, and in April 2005, the first-ever YouTube video (‘Me at the Zoo’) was uploaded. This energy will usher in AI.

Hurricane Katrina which was in August 2005 with Rahu in Pisces which brought extremes in weather. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and earth changes are probable.

Additionally, Rahu remains Gandanta until the end of the year. Gandanta is what we call “Karmic Knot” or “Spiritual Knot”. This happens when a planet transits from a Water sign into a Fire sign and deals with floods, water and fire.

November 29—December 24: Venus Transits into Libra, in its own house!
Venus isn’t just about relationships, but about all connections, including how we show up in community and participate in society. As our diverse world rumbles with all its people struggling to protect their rights to simply be alive and thrive, examine how you are showing up with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, caregivers, teachers, strangers, and enemies.

December 1: T-Square Between Moon, Venus, and Pluto – You Might Feel Tense and Frenetic
A T-square is a configuration in astrology where two planets oppose each other (180 degrees apart), and a third planet squares both of them (90 degrees apart from both of them). This creates an energetic tension that can bring challenges and difficulties, but also an opportunity for growth and development.

We will begin the month of December under a stressful T-square in three cardinal signs. The T-square will be formed by the Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, with both forming volatile square aspects to Venus in Libra at the apex. This combination can reflect a tense, hard-driving, or frenetic energy which could lead to carelessness, as well as power and control issues. Fortunately, this is a short-term combination because the Moon will quickly move out of the T-square.

December 3, 2023: Venus Square Pluto – Intense Energy!
Venus at four degrees of Libra will Square Pluto at four degrees of Capricorn on December 3. This aspect’s energy will be felt from November 29 to December 7.

The Square between Venus and Pluto can be a trigger for seismic events, terror attacks, and storms, as well as political dramas, wars, and conflicts.

Speaking of wars, the last time Pluto and Venus Squared Off in this exact area of the zodiac was during the American Revolutionary War in November 1775. In personal terms, you might experience turmoil in a relationship or financial matter while this aspect is in place.

December 6: Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces – Compassion and Inspiration
Neptune has been retrograde since June 30, 2023.

The higher nature of Neptune in Pisces is mystical, idealistic, compassionate, and inspired, but its lower nature can be dishonest, delusional, escapist, and even criminal. During Neptune’s retrograde period, its negative qualities tend to become more pronounced. When it transits in direct motion (as it will now until July 2024), Neptune may boost compassion, spiritual connection, and practical idealism.

Neptune will be transiting in Pisces until February 2037, and will continue to retrograde in Pisces for about five months every year.

December 6: Saturn Transits in Conjunction with the Moon in the United States Birth Chart and Trine to Venus – Highs and Lows
Through the month of December, Saturn will transit from seven to nine degrees of Aquarius. Saturn will conjoin the Moon in the United States chart at seven degrees of Aquarius on December 6. This same conjunction occurred earlier this year in March and September. The December 6 conjunction will be the third and last time this conjunction occurs during the Sade Sati transit.

Sade Sati is considered to be a time of karmic reckoning and tremendous pressure. In astrology, Saturn can be astringent and discouraging.

December 12: New Moon: 26 degrees Scorpio
This is at the tail end of the Scorpion and as such makes this a very difficult New Moon as the tail is considered to be the poisonous stinger. Also, Mars is still Transiting in Scorpio in the Nakshatra Jyeshta which brings revenge and jealousy. This may bring issues of money, control, and aggression into the upcoming Mercury Retrograde Cycle.

NOTE: Once Mars exits Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius on December 28 it will be better for the world!

NOTE: Additionally, Mars is still Gandanta – 29 degrees of Scorpio which brings uncontrolled actions and rage. Rahu is also Gandanta at 29 degrees Pisces which makes both of these events feel like life is out of control.

December 13-January 1, 2024: Mercury Retrograde begins in Sagittarius
NOTE: This is a VERY COMPLICATED Mercury Retrograde! This will be between two signs—which is rare. It begins its retrograde in Sagittarius—backs up into Scorpio –and moves forward again Sagittarius—plus it has three Gandanta points which makes this very tricky to navigate!

NOTE: This upcoming Mercury Retrograde cycle will be unique because the New Moon will occur shortly before Mercury stations retrograde.

As Mercury will move through this part of the zodiac during November, December, and January, this nakshatra may have a powerful impact on our lives. This suggests that we should expect the unexpected during this retrograde cycle. We may need to be flexible and willing to change our plans.

NOTE: Mercury will have three Gandanta Points and one will be during its Retrograde Cycle:
November 26–Scorpio to Sagittarius
***December 27—Sagittarius Retrogrades back to Scorpio and it is Gandanta
January 7—Scorpio to Sagittarius

All of these dates bring unsettled energy!

Shadowy themes often emerge during Mercury retrograde periods. Since this retrograde cycle will have this strong Scorpio energy, it may bring up issues and changes related to money, control, personal power, fear, aggression, sorrows, sexuality, or death and rebirth.

This can also be a good time to focus on physical activity, healing body work, and uplifting spiritual practices. The more positive expression of Scorpio will reflect a deeply contemplative, mystical, nourishing, and healing quality.

When Mercury is retrograde, this is a good time to step back, review and reconsider ideas and plans, explore and develop new understanding about ourselves and others, clear up certain unresolved past issues, and complete unfinished business. Mercury is said to be traveling in the underworld when retrograde. This allegorically signifies an introspective period when we can more readily access deeper parts of ourselves in order to awaken new awareness and rejuvenate mind and spirit.

Travel and logistics—check to see if you have everything you need! Electronics have a chance of malfunctioning—double check your data is saved!

December 16—January 14: Sun Transits into Sagittarius
Sagittarius is the daring fire sign that loves to travel, have fun and become skilled at new things. This transit is a good time to focus on your goals and push your efforts beyond your usual boundaries to try innovative ideas. Sagittarius makes you straightforward, friendly in nature and breaks social norms.

December 21, 2023: Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – Time to Celebrate the Shortest Day of the Year!
Winter solstice will occur in the northern hemisphere on December 21!

Winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year. At this time, the Sun reaches its southernmost point in its seasonal declination cycle. After the winter solstice, the Sun will appear to stand still for three days and then slowly begin its northward movement. During the three-day standstill, we will experience a “spiritual rebirth,” i.e., the rebirth of the light. Make some time to meditate and go inward. Perfect energy to be still.

December 24 to January 18, 2024: Venus Transits into Scorpio
This Venus transit in the Scorpio sign may bring some tiffs and misunderstandings between some couples. However, those searching for love may find someone special coming into their life. New love could spark excitement and restless energy due to Venus transiting in Scorpio with Mercury. Some people may get involved in an illicit relationship or just for a casual relationship. Unemployed people may get employed, and finances could be sound for most people.

December 27 to February 5: Mars Transits into Sagittarius
Much better energy for the world! Mars in Sagittarius inspires us to dream big and believe in what’s possible. The excitable planetary placement will make us want to fight for justice and fairness, while defending the things and people we care about.

December 26: Full Moon in Gemini
This Full Moon is in the Nakshatra Ardra which means tear drop and brings great sadness. This Full Moon is an opportune time for confronting problems and releasing the past.

December 30: Jupiter Direct in Aries—This is a big deal! There will finally be a sense of mental expansion, renewal and hope, just in time for the New Year! Important for the world to move forward. New projects will begin again. This is a great way to begin the year!

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