July 2023 Vedic Astrology

July’s energy is busy and powerful! Lots of planetary shifts and significant cosmic changes.

We’ve had some really smoky skies here in the Midwest due to the Canadian Wildfires. This has to do with Mars going Gandhanta until July 6th, closely followed by Venus, which will also be Gandhanta until July 14. Gandhanta means “out of control” and since we are talking about personal planets like Mars and Venus this can mean our emotions, like the smoky fires, are in a heightened state at this time.

July 1: Mars enters Leo and Mercury is conjunct Sun in Gemini
Mars moved from the watery sign of Cancer to the fiery sign of Leo. This means we spring into action as Mars wakes up. Leo is the leadership sign of leadership. So while we see changes in world leadership, on the personal front this could give you the ability to take action and seek out more leadership opportunities. With mercury being conjunct sun, this is a good day to undertake new projects, sign contracts etc. Time to spring into action!

July 1: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces until December 6, 2023
Neptune is the ruler of water, intuition, creativity, illusions, deceits, dreams, art, fantasy, entertainment, and mind-altering substances. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, so as it travels retrograde, we may find ourselves rethinking our spiritual beliefs and what we are holding onto as true. We may find ourselves leaning towards different ideologies or different ways of being. If we have been spirituality bypassing things in our lives, Neptune Retrograde can bring these issues up to the surface, guiding us to confront them.

During this time, it makes us look at reality—so no rose-colored glasses to see relationships. Instead, look at the situation honestly, especially if there are addictions involved. Time to get help.

July 2: Uranus at 27 Degrees Aries in Exact Square with Venus at 27 degrees Cancer
This brings the potential for unforeseen circumstances to develop and can trigger anxiety, irritability and other troublesome events.

July 3: Guru Purnima and Full Thunder Supermoon in Sagitarrius – Blessings Abound
The very special Vedic holy day known as Guru Purnima will occur on July 3. It marks the most auspicious Full Moon of the year, a time when the whole world is blessed with Divine Light. This is the perfect day to begin a new writing project, or a spiritual or healing practice. This is also an ideal time to honor yourself and and to commune in nature. This special Full Moon is optimistic, aspiring and adventurous. Put your crystals out, meditate, journal, practice yoga, make moon water and take deep breaths.

July 4: 4th of July in the United States—Pluto and the Moon Conjunction with Natal Pluto in the US Chart
This can trigger dramatic events that bring chaos, uncertainty and upheaval. In addition, whenever the Moon conjoins Pluto, we should take care to manage strong emotions and avoid engaging in power struggles.

July 4 to July 8: Annual Opening of the Sirius Stargate Make Time To Attune with Divine Light.
Our Sun will conjoin with the fixed Star Sirius. Sirius is described in esoteric literature as “the Sun behind our Sun” and a source of spiritual light for our Earth. During these days, you should try to spend time in nature and meditate on the cosmic light that streams through the Sirius portal into our higher energy centers at this time. It will help you enhance your insight, activate your creativity, gain a new perspective, and recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

July 17: Sun enters Cancer
Happy Birthday to those that have a Sun in Cancer. Family, security and home are the most important at this time

July 17: New Moon in Cancer
This special New moon is in the Nakshatra Punarvasu which means “the return of the light”. This indicates a new feeling of hope and security. This new moon will bring you new opportunities to ensure your financial security and to be closer to your home and family. It is a very blessed time for new beginnings. It is great for traveling and exploring.

July 20: Mars Opposes Saturn
Obstacles and setbacks frustrate and cause more problems related to current responsibilities. Pay attention to your health as this aspect can bring exhaustion and frustration. Watch impulsive actions.

July 21 – 22: A Grand Cross aspect – Rahu in Aries, Sun in Cancer, Ketu in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn
The planets involved deal with karma and learning. Sun represents leadership and world events will see issues surrounding country leaders and politicians. In your personal life this could be how you relate to authority figures.

July 22: Venus turns retrograde in Leo
Venus rules relationships, love and marriage. Being retrograde it tends to bring out the issues in these areas. If you had unresolved issues in past relationships you will see those resurfacing. This is the time to resolve those issues so you can move on with no baggage.

Plan for lots of action and energy!!

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