June 2024 Vedic Astrology

June brings two major shifts! Mars moves from Pisces into the sign of Aries, where it is exalted and then we have Uranus moving into Taurus for its 7-year cycle. Also, we have a Stellium in Taurus so there will be lots of power and energy to move mountains perhaps in unexpected ways!

June 1 to July 13th: Mars Transit into Aries—High Energy, Drive & Motivation! Mars is in it’s home sign of Aries which makes it very strong! In its highest expression, this signifies leadership ability, a powerful constitution, vim and vigor, stamina, motivation, high energy and drive, quick reflexes, and an ability to push through obstacles with ease. This is  a time to get going with your life!

June 1: Uranus Transits into Taurus: Quantum Leap & Radical Changes! Uranus signifies the areas of research, technological discoveries, major breakthroughs, and overall development of human life and the universe. Uranus only changes its zodiac sign every 7 or 8 years so this transit is quite significant! With this new transit we can expect changes in the direction of the world. Known as “The Awakener,” it brings unpredictable changes, rebellion, and innovation. Uranus is an outer planet that rules technology, psychology, astrology, psychic power, the kundalini life force, spiritual awakening, and energy of all kinds.

Uranus also has a restless, volatile, exciting eccentric and rebellious quality. It signifies electricity, electronics, aviation, space and scientific exploring, and anything out of the ordinary—AI, UFO’s, and digital currency. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that is associated with strength, fertility, creativity, finance, material resources and primal forces of nature. It has a sense of consistency, diligence, strong work ethic and the desire for love, harmony, physical comfort, wealth and worth.

Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years brings a certain tension. This is because conventional Taurus prizes stability and security and Uranus likes to shake things up. For Taurus, growth is best achieved through perseverance and an orderly approach, but Uranus is more spontaneous and can even be chaotic.

Inventor, engineer, and futurist Nikola Tesla, born July 10, 1856 in Croatia, with Uranus in early Taurus. Generally, on a personal level, Uranus activates new awareness for us and brings in major breakthroughs. A Uranus transit can shock our senses and wake us up to something new and surprising that is necessary for our soul’s development that helps to align us on the path we need to be. Uranus in Taurus on a global level will transform our beliefs of value, security and success.

June 1-June 12 Taurus Stellium—Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus
A Stellium of planets is when 4 or more planets come together in the same sign. This can lead to a major trigger point for changes in life. In the sign of Taurus this will activate a huge bundle of energy. These 12 days will be most intense and bring in many changes regarding  mindset, investments, relationships with family members and domestic harmony. The peak of this transit will be on June 5-6, when the Moon joins them and it will be a 5 planet Stellium in Taurus during New Moon day.

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