Lunar Eclipse – May 5, 2023

Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse!
Using Vedic Astrology

Eclipses help us to realign with our soul’s purpose and correct our personal path when needed. Full Moon Eclipses are all about releasing habits, people and circumstances that are no longer in alignment with your higher self. The best way to use the energy of a full moon eclipse is to actively cleanse your body, mind and soul.

This POWERFUL Ketu Eclipse (South Node) is in Libra and occurs with Jupiter, Rahu, Retrograde Mercury and Uranus all opposed to the Moon! This is like the saying it’s 180 degrees –different and opposite! Ketu deals with the past Karma. This brings unexpected events and huge transformation across the world and into our lives!

Whenever Jupiter is involved in an Eclipse, it always magnifies the events to be bigger than expected.

The symbol of Libra is a pair of scales representing law, balance, and justice. The lunar eclipse takes place in the Vishaka Nakshatra (Celestial House). Vishaka is sometimes called “the forked” or “two branched”. Branches show variety and division. We may need to make a choice about which direction we are going.

This will be the deepest penumbral eclipse until September 2042, meaning that its astrological effect is strong. The eclipse will act like a super-charged Full Moon. It suggests an intense lunar effect, which can indicate high tides, storms, seismic eruptions, and emotional intensity in the several days leading up to, during, and after the eclipse day. Relationships can be stressful.

Today is the best day to do your spiritual practice, meditate on releasing what is no longer serving you, journal and continue with positive affirmations. Not a day to put crystals out.


It is said that the Gautama Buddha was born on this day. According to legend, the Buddha promised to come back on this day every year, to join with many other divine beings to regenerate the Earth. The Theosophists teach that the Christ (Maitreya) gathers the entire spiritual hierarchy together in prayer and meditation at this Full Moon to invoke the forces of a heavenly realm known as Shambhala, which increases the input and output of the divine light within us and on Earth.

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