May 2023 Vedic Astrology

Lots going on this month! Take time for your inward journey.

We are currently in a time between two eclipses.

A lunar eclipse on May 5th at 20 degrees Libra follows the April 19th solar eclipse in Aries.

The time between eclipses often shows unstable energy. Eclipses tend to bring changes. A solar eclipse can trigger energies that remain with us for a long time. However, the effects of a lunar eclipse are more immediate.

May 1: Pluto Retrograde Capricorn Until October 10
This is a time we will be dealing with our personal power. Have you been held back? Be prepared to get in touch with your feelings! This is a time of reflection about power and control in your life.

Pluto will station retrograde at six degrees of Capricorn in conjunction with the natal Pluto in the United States chart. Pluto Retrograde will bring shifts in the world and within ourselves with regards to power and anything hidden.

The Retrograde Pluto cycle can also intensify the current social and economic crisis happening across our planet. When Pluto stations retrograde, it becomes stronger and may manifest with some negativity. At its retrograde station, it will also square Jupiter and the lunar nodes (eclipse points), which intensifies corruption, violence and political extremism.

Pluto Retrograde forces us to turn inward on doing more transformational work on our inner psyche and let go of rigid patterns.

May 2: Venus Moves Into Gemini
Venus, which rules Libra, will enter Gemini on May 2nd. Both Gemini and Libra are air signs. Air signs are communicators and intellectuals and are often full of creative ideas. Overall, this is a positive transit and if you are a lover of poetry or writing, this is your time to write!

May 5: Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse!
This POWERFUL Ketu Eclipse is in Libra and occurs with Jupiter, Rahu, Retrograde Mercury and Uranus all opposed to the Moon! This is like the saying it’s 180 degrees –different and opposite! Ketu deals with the past Karma. This brings unexpected events and huge transformation across the world and into our lives!

Whenever Jupiter is involved in an Eclipse, it always magnifies the events to be bigger than expected.

The symbol of Libra is a pair of scales representing law, balance, and justice. The lunar eclipse takes place in the Vishaka Nakshatra (Celestial House). Vishaka is sometimes called “the forked” or “two branched”. Branches show variety and division. We may need to make a choice about which direction we are going.

It is said that the Gautama Buddha was born on this day. According to legend, the Buddha promised to come back on this day every year, to join with many other divine beings to regenerate the Earth. The Theosophists teach that the Christ (Maitreya) gathers the entire spiritual hierarchy together in prayer and meditation at this Full Moon to invoke the forces of a heavenly realm known as Shambhala, which increases the input and output of the divine light within us and on Earth.

This will be the deepest penumbral eclipse until September 2042, meaning that its astrological effect is strong. The eclipse will act like a super-charged Full Moon. It suggests an intense lunar effect, which can indicate high tides, storms, seismic eruptions, and emotional intensity in the several days leading up to, during, and after the eclipse day. Relationships can be stressful.

Today is the best day to do your spiritual practice, meditate, journal and continue with positive affirmations.

May 10: Mars Moves Into Cancer until July 1
The transit of Mars in Cancer happens every two years. Cancer is considered to be one of the weakest sign placements for Mars, as it is known as the debilitation sign of this planet. This can represent some ongoing imbalances in the fire element. For some, this can express itself as a sense of powerlessness, frustration (or even anger), and loss of confidence.

May 14: Mercury Stations Direct
Time to Move Forward and Make Plans!

Mercury will move out of retrograde and station direct in Aries. This marks a time to move forward and begin creating something new in our lives. When Mercury stations direct, it will be transiting at the midpoint of Saturn and Venus. This can suggest a turning point related to an interpersonal or financial matter, perhaps a reality check or some other kind of reckoning, answering the call of duty, or take up a pressing new responsibility.

May 15 to June 15: Sun in Taurus
Celebrations and Spiritual Significance!

The Sun will transit in Taurus, a special day known as Vrishabha Sankranti, from May 15 to June 15. This date is celebrated in many parts of India and in Vedic culture, as prayers are offered for ancestors and family members.

May 19- New Moon in Taurus
This is an especially favorable Moon for fire ceremonies, and for making rapid changes, including cutting things out/giving things up, or deciding and beginning a new course of action.

The New Moon in Taurus gives the capacity for great courage, and it supports all kinds of efforts and new beginnings. This New Moon brings altruistic, visionary, and futuristic ideas.

May 20: Mars in Opposition with Pluto, Potential Upheaval and Revolt
Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. They aspect in this way every two years, but not in the same area of the zodiac. This time may be more significant than usual as Pluto is in conjunction with natal Pluto in the United States birth chart.

This combination, especially with Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, can have a violent, warlike, ruthless, or brutal expression, and can represent upheaval and revolt.

May 25-May 31: Jupiter and Rahu EXACT Conjunction in Aries
This brings unexpected events in the world. On a personal level this can aggravate people, out of control, inner wisdom not working properly.

May 30 to July 6: Venus Transits in Cancer, Increased Caring Energy
Starting on May 30, Venus will transit in Cancer, where it comes once a year (about every 10 months or so). It will be there for a long time on and off as it will retrograde in Leo and move back into Cancer in July, August, and September. Venus is the planet of peace, love, money, art, music, comfort, sociability, diplomacy, and physical vitality. Cancer is the sign of emotional security, home, family, and comfort. In Cancer, Venus can be very sensitive and emotionally open and caring.

This is a month full of changes and transformation. Rest, meditate and keep a spiritual practice.

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