New Year 2023: Clunky Beginning

On our first show of the year, Both Sides Now & Beyond, “Tips to Start the New Year,” James and I discussed ways and ideas to make sure this year, is the best yet! I began the show as usual by examining current astrological aspects. I described the beginning of this particular New Year of 2023 as, “challenging to make or even begin New Year Resolutions,” because TWO MAIN PLANETS—MARS AND MERCURY—continue to be in RETROGRADE, which SLOW our actions and energy way down!

Without missing a beat, James said, “IT FEELS CLUNKY!

CLUNKY. A perfect description of the energy we are all feeling.

The last time I ever heard the word CLUNK was when I turned 16 years old. I was given my Grandfather’s 1967 Plymouth Valiant to drive. Although I was appreciative of having a car, I told my Dad I just could not drive that car—because it was A CLUNK. It was ALWAYS breaking down, not starting and on occasion, not stopping. Of course, the car was named, The Clunk.

So this New Year’s BEGINNING energy is one of starts and stops. Clunky.

Mars goes direct in Taurus on January 14. Mars is the planet that deals with energy, passion, anger, weapons, and even war. But when Mars turns direct it brings more energy to us. Life takes action again.

Mercury goes Direct on January 18 and remains in Sagittarius! Expect communications to be explosive, the truth, and fires – and inspiration – you will have new ideas! When Mercury is direct in Sagittarius it brings open-mindedness and adventure! Our thoughts will be broadened.

Although the New Year officially began on January 1, ASTROLOGICALLY, THIS NEW YEAR kicks off January 18! Great time and energy to begin new projects!

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