November 2023 Vedic Astrology

Stormy Cosmic Time

These are challenging times for the world, and the planets reflect the chaos.

Know you are meant to grow and thrive. During these potent alignments find gratitude, harmony, and peace within yourself as you trust the incredible power and process of the universe.

November 2 -29: Venus Transits Virgo and Opposition Neptune
Be particularly mindful of being overcritical in the are of relationships as this can cause conflicts. Venus in Virgo tends to mark an increase in our tendency to look at those places where both we and others can improve. This transit, on the one hand, supports our self-awareness journey, yet, on the other hand, by making us very aware of all the work left to do, it could discourage us.

Navigating Venus in Virgo energy can be tricky, as we may fall into the trap of perfectionism and forget that ultimately, a lot of learning happens through trial and error.

November 3: Saturn Direct in Aquarius
An intense time will occur when Saturn stands still a few days before and a few days after it moves direct and this brings wobbly unstable energy. It will be at 7 degrees of the Moon in the United States chart which could bring some change in the US. In addition to Saturn moving forward, Jupiter is closest to Earth now which will help if your career has been stalled or you need a change in your career. This will be a big life shift!

November 10: Mercury in Scorpio will Square Saturn in Aquarius (and will be in range of aspect from November 8-13)
For some, this could activate pessimistic and depressive thoughts. Conflict and challenges caused by miscommunication, misinformation, or glitches can occur. Delays in shipments, challenges to coordinate and difficult relations with figures of authority. In addition, from November 26 to 27, Mercury will transit through the Gandanta, a sensitive edge between a water and a fire sign (Scorpio and Sagittarius in this case), which may trigger literal storms or troubling world events.

November 13: New Moon in Libra –Possibly a Very Difficult Crisis Point According to Vedic astrology, the New Moon in Libra is one of the darkest days of the year. The Sun is debilitated in Libra, the New Moon in Libra is more lethargic than usual.

This New Moon sits between Venus and Mercury and is Conjunct Mars—opposing Uranus. This is an amazing YOD—A YOD IS WHEN 3 PLANETS FORM A TRIANGLE—Known as the FINGER OF GOD–which brings fate and destiny. At the same time an Exact Opposition of Uranus to the New Moon represents sudden and unexpected change.

November 15: Mars Transits into Scorpio
November 18-21 Mars is Conjunct the Sun which brings intensity and heats up things—MAJOR EVENTS in the world.
November 23-25 Saturn and Mars Square which can bring violence and outburst—Mars is still conjunct the sun. This makes this time period very difficult.

November 16 – December 16: Sun Transits into Scorpio
Scorpio is ruled by Mars and is very strong in the warrior sign of Scorpio, which brings the potential for self-improvement and empowerment.

The Sun in Vedic astrology represents power, authority, confidence, self-esteem, vitality, immunity, bones, and the spine. Leaders (“kings”) are said to act more effectively when the Sun transits in Mars-ruled Scorpio, versus in Venus-ruled Libra. For anyone who may have recently suffered acute back issues or who has felt otherwise exhausted, irritated, or off-balance, the shift of the Sun into Scorpio may bring some relief.

November 16 – December 27: Mars Transit into Scorpio – Potential to Feel Courageous, Strong-Willed, and Determined
Mars will also enter Scorpio on November 16, and will remain here until December 27. As Mars transits in his own sign of Scorpio, our warrior nature can become quite courageous, strong-willed and determined. On the less positive side, Mars in this sign (if afflicted) can be jealous, agitated, manipulative, proud, or arrogant. Self-discipline and loving kindness are important to help counter any of the less constructive features of this Mars placement.

November 17-19: Mars Conjuncts the Sun at 1 degree Scorpio—confrontations, anger and violence

November 26 – January 31 Mercury Transits Sagittarius
A good time to expand your mental horizons, release the beliefs and worries that are holding you back, and even have an adventure.

November 27 Full Moon in Taurus and Squares Saturn
This is generally quite favorable for passionate and creative ventures as well as fun social activities. However, this Full Moon will Square Saturn, suggesting a time when some may feel discouraged. If this is the case, then it may be time for introspection. Saturn represents personal responsibility, Taurus is down-to earth, and a Full Moon is always a very good time to look within and regroup.

November 28: Nodal Axis Changes from Aries / Libra to Pisces/Virgo
Rahu and Ketu Determine Our Destiny!
Nodal Transit changes to Pisces and Virgo—This is a significant shift towards spiritual growth, intuitive development and a focus on healing and service oriented activities. Their transit in each sign lasts for eighteen months and will influence us as individuals but also collectively. The last time Rahu and Ketu were in Pisces and Virgo was:
~ 25th March 2005–13th Oct 2006
~ 18th Aug 1986–6th March 1988
~ 13th Jan 1968–1st Aug 1969

What significant thing was happening in your life? It can be very helpful to go look back on these times, those experiences and relate the same in the present time.

Ketu in Virgo, reduces & influences our daily work schedules, careers, working hard, putting efforts into competitive activities, serving others, and everything about health.

Whereas, Rahu in Pisces, forces us towards letting go but still having new, big dreams, flowing in the emotions, working in isolation, sleeping more, & indulging in backstage activities.

The right proportion of both these significations can ease things out and bring balance…which is the most important theme of this transit.

November 29 – December 24: Venus Transits Libra
The planet of diplomacy, money, love, relationships, beauty, comfort, harmony, and peace is in dignity here, so this transit can generally give some positive results. At the same time, Pluto, Neptune, Ketu, and Rahu will all be aspecting Venus in the last few days of November and the first few days of December. Because of these aspects, some will have to face self-doubt, insecurity, financial concerns, relationship conflicts, or issues related to security and safety. If you feel any of these challenges, remember first and always to tend to your inner heart and just breathe love in and breathe love out.

This November it is a very good time to meditate, be still, take long walks and rest when you can. Spiritual reading is also indicated.

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