October Vedic Astrology

October is a month of planetary chaos!

Welcome to Eclipse Season! There are many large events in October but the biggest events occurring this month are the Solar and Lunar Eclipses. This is a very powerful time for making deep changes in your life because it brings a shift in consciousness.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, casting the Moon’s shadow on Earth. A Solar Eclipse can only happen during a New Moon.

Lunar Eclipses occur at the Full Moon phase. When Earth is positioned precisely between the Moon and Sun, Earth’s shadow falls upon the surface of the Moon, dimming it and sometimes turning the lunar surface a striking red over the course of a few hours.

In addition to the transformative Eclipses in October, Mars is Combust all throughout the month and until January 16, 2024. Combust occurs when a planet comes closer to the Sun, more than a safer distance to be maintained, such planet may become weaker as the Sun may burn out some of its strength. In this case Mars loses some of its strength by virtue of being too close to the Sun. This will create more issues than solutions. There is potential for conflict, frustration, aggression and power struggles. Great time to bring physical exercise into your daily life.

***September 20 to October 6 (There was an Exact Conjunction on September 28): Mars Will Activate the October 14 Eclipse – A Possible Trigger for Intense Events
From September 20 to October 6, Mars will be Conjunct the Eclipse Axis in advance of the October 14 Solar Eclipse. When a malefic planet such as Mars activates the eclipse chart either before or after an eclipse (before in this case), it can set off tumultuous events, including geopolitical conflicts, social and political turbulence, weather extremes and other kinds of natural or human-made disasters.

October 1: Mercury in Virgo—Time to get organized and make improvements in your life. You may accomplish a great deal during this period! Mercury is the planet that rules the Earth element, and it is exalted in Virgo, its “strongest sign.” In Virgo, Mercury reflects practical, focused, rational, and clear-headed.

Overall, we welcome Mercury in Virgo as a time when we can get organized and make improvements. For all of you “go-getters” this is especially true at this time when Mercury is moving very fast (much faster than normal), which means that a lot can be accomplished quickly.

October 1—November 2: Venus Transits into Leo
Financial, professional or personal matters that were stagnant or uncertain may start to progress.

October 3 to November 16: Mars Transit in Libra
Multiple Challenges – Potential for Conflict, Aggression, and Miscommunication Mars triggers events.

October 4 & 5: Mars Conjuncts Ketu
Mars and Ketu are both malefic planets (meaning difficult, which make them both challenging! This can indicate problematic times with relationships.

Mars is the planet of aggression, war and takes on challenges and fights. Mars is fierce and brash in its decision-making and impulsive.

Ketu indicates cutting off relationships to be free. Ketu wants nothing to do with the material world. Ketu brings obstacles to bring you closer to God. Ketu is only about feeling—no thinking.

This could bring an increase in terrorism and weapons and relationship issues between countries. Jupiter aspects Mars and Ketu so that could help bring some wisdom to global situations.

October 9-10: Saturn Opposes Venus and the Moon
Relationship problems, economic and finance issues.

October 10—Pluto Transits Direct in Capricorn
Pressures, Accidents, and Conflict

This transit can signify heightened seismic activity, accidents, intense conflicts, power struggles, or violence.

October 14: SOLAR ECLIPSE in Virgo – RING OF FIRE!
The Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned. View this as the body, mind and soul all aligned. Perfect time to go within! Every eclipse brings endings and new beginnings.

A Solar Eclipse is like a Supercharged New Moon. As it occurs with Ketu, the Moon’s South Node, this Eclipse indicates the need to face our shadows and make peace with the past in order to open the door to new awareness and new beginnings. During this Eclipse, the Sun and Moon will be 27 degrees of Virgo in Conjunction with Ketu, the Moon’s South Node, which will occur at zero degrees and 49 minutes of Libra. These are very powerful degrees.

Get ready, in the next 60 days you will have a chance to release the past and begin something new.

Eclipses are a time when something hidden is revealed out of the dark. This will represent something in your own life, so be on the lookout for something coming out from your past that will bring a realization and healing (an epiphany) if you use this information for growth.

This Eclipse is in the Nakshatra Chitra —jewel or pearl. How a pearl is formed—intense pressure—the theme of this eclipse.

Look back at the year of 2004 to 2005 for indications of what this is about in your own life, as this was the last time the eclipses were occurring in the same area of the zodiac.

This “Ring of Fire” will only be visible in the narrow path of annularity, a band stretching from Oregon to Texas and into parts of Mexico as well as Central and South America.

Effects will be more pronounced in North America, South America and Canada.

October 17-November 16 –Sun in Libra
The Sun in Libra wants harmony, peace, and equality. But watch for giving in too much to please others, low self-esteem, or avoiding self-responsibility. On October 28, the day of the lunar eclipse, the Sun will be at its exact degree of total debility, a time of surrender and letting go of ego, as we strive to find greater balance between material life and spiritual expression.

October 18—November 6—Mercury in Libra
Potential for storms and airline issues. Political battles continue along with economic problems.

October 20—Mercury Superior Conjunction
The Sun will transit between the Earth and mercury. You may receive new insights or divine messages.

October 22—Jupiter and Venus Trine
You may receive good energy and feel optimistic, loved and happy.

October 28—Partial and Full Hunter’s Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries Visible in North America!
On this day, both Jupiter and Mars are exactly in Opposition. Additionally, Saturn is aspecting the lunar eclipse degree @ 10 degrees Aries, Conjunct the Fixed Star El Sheraton, the left horn of the Ram. It is said to have the combined energy of Mars and Saturn, which can indicate a violent nature. This star indicates danger when acting impulsively. At 10 degrees Aries, this is a powerful degree as it is the degree that the Sun is exalted.

This Eclipse occurs in the healing Nakshatra of Ashwini, which will bring a focus on healthcare and alternative healing modalities such as Ayurveda, as well as increased awareness of agricultural and ecological concerns. Ashwini Nakshatra demands we listen deeply within, and become more introspective. If challenges surface, practice generosity by helping those in need and or donate your time to a worthy cause.

October 29-30—Mars and Mercury Conjunct
Feelings of irritability, impatience are present. Focus on staying grounded, patient.

October 30—Rahu Enters Pisces, Ketu Enters Virgo
Time to release fear and develop more faith and compassion.

October 31—Venus and Uranus Trine
This brings new exciting development

October will be an especially important time for us to cultivate compassion and kindness, maintain composure, and stay close to our spiritual practices.

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