Services offered

As a gifted and compassionate Spiritual Medium and licensed Family and Marriage Therapist, Kellee White provides insightful and healing sessions.

Connect with yourself or the spirit world

Ready to connect with yourself or the spirit world? Kellee offers a variety of readings, known for her empathic ability to deliver evidential, meaningful messages from your loved ones. By raising her vibration and connecting with those on the other side, Kellee communicates through clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, bringing clear insights and emotional connections.

Every session with Kellee is unique—sometimes she hears, sees, or feels messages from your loved ones, even receiving guidance in her dreams before your reading. Due to high demand, Kellee only schedules two months in advance and books up quickly. If you don’t find an available time, please check back soon or send an email inquiry.

Kellee can also help you navigate through grief and loss. Her sessions are designed to assist clients in processing and moving through the steps of grief, finding meaning in deep loss. This is different from a typical Mediumship or Spiritual Counseling session, as it focuses on providing support and healing for those who are grieving.

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Kellee offers many types of readings. She is a gifted and compassionate Spiritual Medium, as well as a licensed Family and Marriage Therapist. You can book Kellee for any of the following readings – all sessions are 50 minutes long.


Mediumship – $350 for 50 Min

Kellee will provide evidence from your loved one or loved ones which may include names, dates, phyla descriptions, mental and emotional descriptions so that you will know that your loved ones are still with you.

During the reading she may receive the past, present, and future information, however, her main focus is providing accurate and detailed information that only you and your loved one would or could know. This is a wonderful way to gain closure, move through the grief, and gain peace.


Spiritual Counseling – $325 for 50 Min

Kellee will help you navigate these difficult and confusing times in your spiritual journey. Find out why you are having the experiences that you are having, whether you are a lightworker, or learning about your spiritual gifts.

This is excellent for those newly on the path, star seed souls that need guidance, or for those in the process of moving to the next level. Kellee works with dream interpretation and totems.


Starseed: $325 for 50 min

  • Do you feel like you are not from planet Earth?
  • Do you deeply know you’re different?
  • Has this caused depression, anguish, or isolation?

Starseeds are traveling souls from other planets who incarnated on Earth to inspire and heal human beings, and to participate in the planet’s evolution—which is very active right now! If so, this session is for you!


Mediumship Combo – $350 for 50 Min

25 minutes for messages from your loved ones, and 25 minutes for your soul’s journey reading.


Soul Reading & Spirit Guides: $300 for 50 min

Soul Readings include why your soul incarnated. What is your purpose for coming into this lifetime?

Kellee will work with your guide or guides to provide messages about you and your life and what your soul plan is for this incarnation. Guides keep us on our path and have deep significance for our journey


family group session – $500 for 50 Min

Family or relationship groups, between 2 to 4 members.


Yearly Reading: $325 for 50 min

Kellee looks at your destiny chart for the year using the destiny system, astrological events, numerology and psychic information.

NOTE: Kellee cannot do a yearly reading if you were born on December 31. Kellee uses the Destiny Card System which does not include that particular birthdate. Kellee suggests a Soul Reading and Spirit Guides or Spiritual Counseling.


Spiritual grief counseling – $225 for 50 Min

Kellee will work with you to help you through your grief from the loss of a loved one. This is different than a Mediumship session and a Spiritual Counseling session. This is designed to help the client process and move through the steps of grief. Kellee can help you with finding meaning in deep loss.


Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sociologist: $200 for 50 min

Are you a medium that needs help in integrating this practice into your psychology therapy practice? Or, do you need help in your psychology practice with understanding mediums, spirituality for your clients?

Preparing for a Session with Kellee

  • Bring Your Best Self: To ensure the best reading experience, please refrain from using marijuana or alcohol for a few days prior to your session. These substances can interfere with the energy required for an optimal reading.
  • Dress Code: Please wear white or colored tops (avoid black). Black slacks or skirts are acceptable. Wearing black tops can interfere with Kellee’s energy.
  • Audio Equipment: Have Earbuds with a Mic or an Audio Headset ready to connect to your device before the reading. Using these devices helps minimize background noise and distractions, ensuring a smoother session. Sound from the computer or phone without these devices can be energetically distracting for Kellee. Please be ready and on time, as any delays will be deducted from your appointment time.
  • Recording Sessions: Only Zoom readings can be recorded and emailed to you privately. Facetime readings cannot be recorded.
  • Group Readings: For group sessions on Zoom, please use the best possible system to minimize noise distractions, such as outside noises, to ensure a clear and focused reading.

    By following these guidelines, you’ll help create the best possible environment for a transformative and meaningful reading with Kellee.

Cancellation Policy