Uranus Direct in Aries

Moving Forward with New Inspiration! Plus, All Planets Direct!

All planets in our solar system are all direct! This is an exciting time because it makes it easier for making things happen—both  personally and professionally. Energy will begin to flow with  new ideas and new opportunities. All planets will be direct until  April 1 so take advantage of this special time!

Uranus, the planet of freedom and liberation, finally moves direct since being in retrograde on August 29, 2023. This will bring us more energy to live authentically and express ourself.

As Uranus stations direct, we may experience some new inspiration and some surprising announcements, discoveries, connections, events, and revelations. Uranus is going direct at 25 degrees Aries, in the Nakshatra Bharani, which means the womb, breaking through the boundaries, breaking the restrictions. This is a powerful degree that can be a breakthrough moment for some, or a powerful urge  to move beyond certain restrictions or limitations.

Uranus direct will bring major events with technology, space, advancements in health, travel, planes. It also brings earthquakes  and earth changes, floods and storms, political changes and upheaval around the world.

April 20 – another big event—is the Conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter, because Jupiter will expand Uranus. Major events around the world—volcanic—earth changes—floods, storms— political.

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